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About Me

**All About ME**

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This is my site where I will tell you all about me, who I am and where I am going.

I am 17 years old and my birthday is June 27th. I love to play sports, expecially basketball, volleyball and soccer. I will be graduating soon and going to college to study nursing.

I have lived in Frankenmuth all of my life. I moved houses once when I was 6 and am living where I am now ever since. I have 3 sisters, Shawna- 28, Kelly- 26, and Kristen- 14. Shawna has one child, his name is Alex and he is 11, I love him to death.

Starting the season out right


Basketball season was really fun and was a highlite of my senior year. It was really sad when the season ended. We had a really good season.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Notebook, Legends of the Fall, Walk the Line, and Hope Floats.

Here are some of my favorite foods:
Any kind of cake, bacon, chocolate, chicken, turkey, buttered noodles, and french onion soup.

Daisy, Rotating